Rental Listing Service Interface (API)

rental listing service apiThe RentShout Rental Listing Service Interface (LSI) allows large clients and resellers to efficiently interface with their online advertising service. This LSI enables rental listing service providers to use the RentShout advertising system within their existing services and product offerings.  You will first need to apply for access to our LSI and will be provided with an Application ID upon approval.  Your Application ID will need to be used when making calls and within your bulk import feeds.

Submit Listings
Our LSI allows you to submit listing details in bulk and have those listings advertised online and throughout our partner network.  Each listing submitted through our LSI will be given a search engine optimized landing page, a unique trackable phone number, a unique trackable email address, syndicated to top rental directories and a video will be created and posted to YouTube and other video portals.
We support a standard XML format  for single family listings and support the MITS format for multi-family properties.
Query Listing Data
Our LSI allows you to query your listings, listing activity (opens, clicks) and listing leads.  You are able to query the data using various parameters.
There is a one time $500 setup fee to participate in our LSI.  This setup fee covers support and testing.  Our listing advertising rates also apply.  We do offer bulk discounts.
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Valuable Lead Capture
At RentShout, you'll be able to see exactly where your renter leads are coming from... and capture every one! All phone and email leads will go directly to you and are saved in your report center.