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The RentShout rental marketing system places your house on 60+ online directories where renters are searching. The "Rent My House" package will draw in renters and help you fill that vacancy fast. Our advanced tracking features enable you to see exactly where the renters are coming from, making it easy to turn renters into a lease.


Benefits Included With Every House Ad

Rental Syndication Rental Directory Syndication – We advertise your house rental across the web to leading rental websites and directories.
Rental Videos House Rental Videos – RentShout creates high-quality videos of your rental properties which are posted to multiple video portals.
Tracking Reports Tracking Reports – Detailed tracking reports enable home owners to easily identify their most successful rent ads.
Unique Listing Phone Numbers Trackable Listing Phone Numbers – RentShout provides every house listing with its own unique phone number.
listing email address Dedicated Listing Email Address – Each listing comes with a unique email address that tracks all leads emailed to that listing. Email leads are delivered straight to your email inbox and your RentShout message center..
Click to call Click-To-Call – Connects your online rental ad with your mobile phone, making communication a breeze.
Craigslist Posting Craigslist Posting HTML – Each house rental ad you create with RentShout also comes with Craigslist-friendly HTML that will make your rentals stand out.
Rental Templates Professional Template Designs – With several rental ad styles to choose from, it's easy to create a custom look for each rental listing.

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Valuable Lead Capture
At RentShout, you'll be able to see exactly where your renter leads are coming from... and capture every one! All phone and email leads will go directly to you and are saved in your report center.