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  • Successful Lead Capture From RentShout Advertising

    Posted on June 8th, 2010 Candis Hidalgo No comments

    We like to highlight a few ads every now and again that have been successful in terms of gaining an impressive number of leads toward their listing, either by phone or email (or both!) We have three ads to showcase this time around, each located in a different state. Along with the ad, we’ve included a few of the things the customers did right in creating their listings.

    New York NY

    • At least five quality photos that cover the most important aspects of the property.
    • A property description that is pleasing to the eye (little or no grammatical errors, not overly lengthy or too short) and contains information that is relevant to the renter’s needs.
    • This customer purchased our Premier Exposure upgrade (an additional $29.99), which syndicates your listing to even more directories.

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    Santa Monica CA

    • Contact information is easily visible upon seeing the ad, making it as easy as possible for the renter to contact the property manager.
    • Property address and other property information is clearly visible on the ad and filled out completely (no missing information from the address or contact).
    • The listing is priced competitively when compared with other properties in the same area, giving the renter further incentive.

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    Arlington VA

    • All the essential information is located right in the property description area, so renters don’t need to search for it.
    • Both a phone number and email address are included, giving the renter more than one outlet of connection if one is preferred.
    • Features and amenities are included in the ad, which gives the renter easy access to all the perks of the property without having to contact anyone.

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    Because our prices are based on a flat fee rather than a pay-per-lead fee, lead capture like those above is attainable without breaking your budget. If you aren’t getting the results you were hoping for in your rental listing, we encourage you to consider these tips when creating your next ad.